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Pumps that works

I love components that really works well and this should be done when one get ahead of the really good things so we also can feel more or less the thing that has to be done. So a miniature precision pumps is something that is important and that has to work so we also can get more out of what is really important and good. So try to learn a little bit more about these pumps so we also can feel what is so important and also feel more light about the pumps that works. Yes, good working components are ...

Visiting France

Me and some friends are going on a holiday in France next week. We've been planning this for some time now and there's a lot to do in very little time. So we're thinking of doing another trip there after this one. France is such a huge place with many things to see and do so you have to plan a lot! But we're living in a chateau a bit outside the city which is very nice. It's beautiful and very peaceful which is just the way we like it. 


Everytime when we plan a holiday and we need a hotel we use more or less the same booking systems on the internet to find and book hotels. But I also wonder every time: how independent is this hotel booking system? Do hotels have to pay to be in the list? Do they have to pay to end up high in the list? It's not very clear to me and that makes that I usually also check if I can find the hotel in other booking systems, or even directly on the homepage of the hotel. Usually it's pointless, ...